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We are all glad to be of some help to you !

We started as a very small sole trader firm, back in the year 2012. Our goal was to really focus on real client satisfaction. Starting up with just two clients, we were just two partners doing the bookkeeping, payroll, VAT returns and YE accounts for them. Our motto of service is we consider your business to be ours. Slowly and steadily we gained in more clients and so had to grow the team as well. Finally it was time for us to register the limited company. So the whole point of this is, we are not just a firm which just magically appeared from the blue. Since we have literally grown the business right from the scratch, we know the pain that you might go through to manage your operational and admin work together. We know exactly what you crave for. So our management takes special care to train all our employees in way to deliver as per your need.

We provide expertise and customized support to all our customers. Currently our team is divided into following sections:

Bookkeeping team:

We have two different team of experienced bookkeepers. One of the team handles Adhoc work which concerns the work to sort out your books for the previous periods and the other team handles the ongoing work for our clients. The account managers allocate the bookkeeping work to this team and in turn they report to the respective managers as per the distribution of the work on a weekly basis.

Payroll Team:

Our payroll team members come with an experience of more than 10 years in the industry to handle all sections of your payroll including the auto enrollment and the pensions. They report to the respective account managers for running the client’s payroll on a monthly basis.

VAT team:

No matter which VAT scheme you have opted for, we are there to help you. Since our team works under the deadline manager, your deadlines can never be missed. With an experience of more than 8 years in the industry, we guarantee you assured VAT services for your company.

Account Managers:

We provide you with dedicated account managers who are the sole point of contact for their clients. Each account manager handles around 50-70 clients depending on the quantum of the work. So, all the client quires are responded back within a TAT of 24 hours at the maximum.

Compliance Team:

The compliance team makes sure that the VAT, YE accounts etc. are all filled correctly and in a timely manner. Apart from that, they also make sure that all our account managers have responded to the client queries within the TAT promised.

Operations Team:

This team handles your accounts payable part for all our clients. They liaise with the account managers and the other teams, as required, to handle the payments for the clients. They report to the account managers directly for any work.

Credit Control Team:

Apart from managing our own credit control, this team also manages the customer payments for the clients. They are bounded by our tailored made processes to follow up with each and every customer to make sure that all your invoices are cleared well within the time.

Admin Team:

This team is divided into two parts. One is providing the virtual reception support to our dedicated clients, from whom we books orders, appointments, calendars etc. The other team manages the data conversion processes for our clients who need support to convert their hard copy of receipts to digital copies for storage purposes.

Marketing team:

This team is also divided into two parts. One of the team handles the marketing for us. The other team manages the marketing (both digital and analog), for our dedicated clients as per the requirement. They report to the senior Business Development Manager for the work update.

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