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Restaurants, Cafe, Pubs, Bars

Being present in the heart of the city, we have developed a special niche towards accounting for Pubs, Restaurants and Night clubs. Almost around 40% of our client base belongs to this industry.


What is so special about us for your industry?


We establish key performance indicators like margins, waste levels, staffing ratio and cost involvement, managing your suppliers, breakeven sales etc. We also help in establishing proper control over your rent levels and ratios.


For franchise businesses, we understand that you have a strict requirement to deliver your financials and other important information on agreed periods.

Ecommerce and Retail and Whole sale businesses

E-commerce retailers have to deal with many different kinds of software, from accounting packages to order management, warehouse packages to the software that runs their website.


A “discount” sounds like a good thing – but it’s really the rate charged to the merchant.


Then, learning to read and reconcile a monthly merchant account statement can be tricky; it’s not as simple as reconciling a checking account. Here is how our experts can help. Then there are charge-backs.


With us, you can seek advice from your dedicated account manager on how to resolve one or avoid them in the future. We understand what these are, as well as the basics of fighting one and protecting the business against them in the first place.


There are a number of queries on which you would find help readily with your account manager:

  • What rate needs to be charged on an order?
  • How to maintain and run your cashflow?
  • Does the business need to deal with sales tax in multiple states if you are selling out side the UK?


We are able to help retailers understand profit margins, carrying costs, inventory management, supply and demand – these are all concepts where retailers can typically benefit from AMS.

Architect and Construction Businesses

The technique used for accounting in the architect and construction business is totally different from regular accounting. For example, for most of the clients in the construction sector we monitor total different categories of cost: travel time, mobilization costs such as packing tools and equipment, delivery of materials to the jobsite, and even clearing the jobsite of excess materials once a job is completed.


We also use the Percentage of Completion Method, where revenue is accounted for based on the estimated profit of a contract and what percentage of that project has been completed.


In terms of expenses, many of the item that we consider as “Overhead costs” for groceries, is actually counted as “Cost of goods sold” in the construction industry, because they are directly connected to your project.


For businesses with higher turnover and multiple projects, we also integrate project accounting technologies, which allows frontline workers to complete and submit daily costs and progress reports, time cards, and change orders is an effective way to keep track of what costs are being incurred during a project. Our reports are instantly digitized and accessible to both workers in the field and the accounting office, which enables rapid resolution of any costing issues and accurate tracking to ensure profitability.

Day cares, Schools and other Institutions

Whether you are thinking of converting to academy school status or have already done so, we can help you with the complex array of issues you will need to deal with from best value audit and accounts preparation to fundraising and VAT issues. We will provide you with an independent opinion on your financial situation and recommend any necessary adjustments or improvements to your controls and processes for future years. From advising on forthcoming financial reporting changes and providing pragmatic tax solutions to advice on mergers and governance effectiveness reviews, our experienced education team will deliver practical solutions to support the development of your independent school.

IT, Engineering and Technology Industries

With shrinking international boundaries in the IT and technology sectors, access to cloud based international accounting solutions and advice may be a necessity for your business. Our experience in this field makes it easy for us to take up the work. We are also a specialist into the research and development tax credit (R&D Tax Credit).


Behind every successful technology company there are appropriate business structures and procedures put in place, as well as financing and tax decisions that are taken which determine a company’s success. We’ll help with employee incentive schemes and HR issues. We’ll guide you on attracting investors, expanding overseas, sales mandates, M&A, IPOs.


At AMS we’ve been a part of many successes in the sector through our full range of accountancy, advisory, tax services.

Event Management

Event management is a broad industry, with many companies choosing to specialize in one area.


We specialize in providing the right accounting advice to the following sectors:

  • Corporate events (conferences, meetings, team building days, seminars, workshops, networking)
  • Educational events (training seminars, workshops, conferences)
  • Private events (weddings, birthday parties, other celebrations)


From proving Event Budgets and Cash Controls, we have experts to advice you on maintain your books, payroll, VAT, expenses and tax compliance.


We specialize in providing the perfect monthly management accounts to ensure smooth and swift processes for you.


Apart from normal accounting and bookkeeping service, we also do facilitate our clients with back office and admin support to ensure your credit control and cash flows.

Property Business

Starting from personal advice to private BTL landlords to comprehensive property tax advice, our specialist property accountants and property tax advisers can help you keep one step ahead of constant tax changes, including the recent removal of mortgage interest relief.


We have a vast experience into help people and organizations with undeclared rental income, property VAT planning and advice, non-resident landlords, ATED, holding properties in a limited company and mortgage considerations.