Ams Accountancy

Providing Professional Accounting Services


We love to see you grow and expand your team. In the process we understand the responsibility of having an employee and want to get it right for you and for them. We have a well experienced team to handle your payroll for companies from 1 to 500 payrolls a month.

Our systems and services will take care of pay, PAYE, taxes, benefits, National Insurance & more. Our in-house team of HR & payroll specialists will take care of any starters & leavers seamlessly on your payroll, whilst handling pensions, employee benefits, commission & more. We are a specialist into the following sectors as well:



Depending on your requirements, it might sometimes be beneficial to register for the payroll even as the director of the company. With our experts guiding you, we could help you calculate your options to register for the payroll.



We can help the startup businesses with the registration of the PAYE. We shall liaise with HMRC on your behalf to send them the application and once done we shall also send you the confirmation along with your PAYE registration number.



We can have a detailed discussion in regards to your requirement over a Skype call with you. Based on the discussion, we can produce the employment contracts for you to provide the same to your employees.



Based on the number of working hours of your employees, we can administer the salary and calculate the NI, PAYE taxes, pensions etc., on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirement.



Once you have approved the payroll, we shall submit the same to HMRC on a monthly basis through RTI submissions.



We also facilitate an expert team to handle your payments to your employers, suppliers and customers as well. Depending on your requirements, once we run the payroll, our payroll team hands over the reports to the payments processing team who would then prepare for the paying your employees. After your confirmation, we can pay your employees from your bank account.



We understand that a lot of businesses are still confused with the complexity of auto enrollment. We take the entire responsibility in simplifying the legislative requirements. Features include timely ongoing assessment of employees, creating a pension contribution record where applicable and catering for Opt-ins and Opt-Outs as well as refunds through payroll.

We could also liaise with your pension regulators on a monthly basis to keep them updated on the monthly pension funds deducted from your employees.