What Makes us Different

Indeed true - Are we really different from other firms?

Why would you choose us? Even why would you read this whole page below?

The most important question here is why would you choose us? Even why would you read this whole page below? Well the truth is, this page does not have the common blah blah blah promises unlike the common market trend. What it has, is the truth of what we are and what we really do different than 90% of the other firms no matter how big the firm you take into consideration for the purpose of comparison.


We believe that the principle we follow to make our customers happy is very rarely followed in the market which gives you a unique choice to provide us an opportunity to work on your books and accounts. We believe in setting the expectations right, no sooner a new member is added to our happy family

Set Expectations to prevent Unpleasant Surprises

We would rather be honest in saying that we are not an angel of course who would be able to solve all your problems at one go. We are proud to admit this, and as a matter of fact we believe that this is our best part. We do not make false promises. It is obvious that there could be issues related to taxes and other matters which might be out of our reach. However, having said that, what we also assure you is, to always be by your side to find out the perfect solution for the same. 


Our business growth goal is to really see that your business grows first. The main motto behind this is very simple. When you grow, you would in turn help us grow more. This technique has really worked for us over the years and we have really profited a lot from this strategy, which has now in turn resulted in our growth. This organic growth is what made us convert our partnership firm to a limited company once and we are confident that this would work for us in the future as well.

Accountancy is a “personal service”.  No matter how we organize our practice, how quick we do the accounts, how fast we answer emails, or even, heaven forbid, how much tax we can legally save, at the end of the day, the matter resolves around whether we are able to “get on” with you and your requirements and whether you “get on” with us.


  • Yes we do have qualified accountants and yes we do have a turnaround time of 24 hours 
  • Yes we can provide you competitive prices 
  • Also not to forget that we also work within deadline management system. This means that you would never miss your deadlines at all. 
  • We also do have professional accountants with experienced into handling accounts and taxes for different fields of small businesses and contractors as mentioned in our website. 


But we believe that these factors does not simply make us different from others in the industry. What really does is our approach to “getting on” which is a lot more important than picking out certain aspects as our strength.  What’s the point of having 30 day turnaround if the client is organized and sends their info quickly and has no urgent need for the accounts – they’d be happy with 90 days, but we would be bursting a gut to do it in 30 days, for which the client isn’t impressed nor bothered.  Same with pricing, what’s the point in lower charges if the client has the money and is happy to pay the same or more than his last accountant charged and is actually looking for quality rather than the expense? Alternatively there might be many clients who might just be looking for a small help at a very small price and does not really need elaborated service at that level of quality checks for his accounts. 

So just to conclude we would like to say- what we do best is adapt to your requirements as per your needs and this is what makes us unique. If you are looking for such services, we assure you that- yes you are definitely at the right place.

Remember, you are just a call away to check, if you find that “getting on” spark with us. If that goes well, let’s join hands or we are happy for you to find that spark in someone else.